The Audubon Foundation of Texas supports the Audubon organizations in the state of Texas, including local Texas Audubon Chapter, Audubon Sanctuaries, Audubon Centers, and Audubon Texas. AFT is also a liaison between different parts of Audubon in Texas to achieve better conservation through collaboration.

AFT distributes its funds to the Audubon organizations within the state of Texas to carry out the Audubon mission. A major emphasis is given to citizen-science projects which have champions from a local chapter and focus on environmental improvements or monitoring within their community. Such projects typically involve improvements in habitats or educational facilities at Important Bird Areas, sanctuaries, refuges, preserves, and native gardens. As well as helping with funding of Audubon Texas projects, AFT coordinates and cooperates with Audubon Texas.

Delegates from all local Audubon certified chapters oversee the work of AFT. Current officers of AFT are:

AFT is an all volunteer organization therefore has very small operating expenses.

Inquires should be directed to Henry Merrick Darley (

AFT Bylaws